Tyro Verify is a band from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Featuring the shining vocals of Jansen Price, and the soaring guitar work of David Nyous, the clocklike emotions of drummer Michael Volsk, and the awesome keyboard work of Norm Abec, they are tearing up the rug!

Personnel in the Verify Seats include:

Jansen Price -- Vocals, guitar, bass.
David Nyuos -- Lyrics, guitars, sequencer.
Michael Volsk -- Drums, percussion.
Norman Abec -- Synthesizer, music interpreter

Tyro Verify



Due to helpful studio circumstances, Tyro Verify has begun work on a new album. The new album is tentatively called "Mercury" and will feature remakes of old songs as well as some new pieces.

Listen to a playlist of the songs in progress! Click the area below

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The list of songs in the plan for the new album so far are as follows:


Sometimes these unofficial "albums" appear.

Nu, Ladna
Nu, Ladna
Mercury (Preliminary)
Mercury (Preliminary)
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