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The Album 'Nu, Ladna' was originally released under the band name 'Muravei' in 2001. Only a few copies were actually made, as the songs were made available on-line for download. The quality of the recording is very low, as it was all done in the living room of Jansen Price on a computer.

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[Nu, Ladna]

Released: 07-31-2001

This is an album of songs written by Jansen Price, recorded in 2001.

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1 Voices in My Head 1998 recording with Bluestone Bantha (Jansen, Dustin, and Andy). It appears on this album because it is a good song written by Dustin.Lyrics
2 Chairs This song was written by Jansen and Jacob Breinholt in an effort to increase awareness of the usefulness of chairs. Written in the summer of 1997. All new recording featuring the dining room chairs and the Price family.Lyrics
3 Hey Bruce This is a song written in 1995. It is about a friend named Bruce from the planet Mercury. The reference to being many Bruces after he left is from one of Monty Python's skits 'about all the Bruces'.Lyrics
4 Wear This Mask Written in 1997, this song illustrates the fact that we may not always realize that the dangers in our lives are sometimes found exactly where we did not expect them.Lyrics
5 Gettysburg This is the Gettysburg Address rap by Jansen. It will help you memorize the Gettysburg address.Lyrics
6 Stul'ya The song Chairs in Russian. Different recording, thoughLyrics
7 Snot Very Nice This is one of the earlier songs written by Jansen in 1995. The message is that you must make choices in your life to be a nicer person. This recording features a special intro.Lyrics
8 Dark Side This song was written in 1997. It's about the Dark Side of the Force and how Luke Skywalker wants to train to be a jedi. Yoda tells him, 'Beware of the Dark Side'.Lyrics
9 Doing What I Please This song written in 1996, it's about a caterpillar, a flower, and a man.Lyrics
10 Ten (Metric is Better) 1998 recording with Bluestone Bantha. This is the song about the Metric system.Lyrics
11 Nice A nice song.Lyrics
12 Bummy Greece This song was written about a video game, Top Gear 2. It is a racing game in which the tracks in the country of Greece are really hard. When playing, Jansen's sister exclaimed 'Oh, Bummy Greece!' He went into his room and wrote a song about it.Lyrics
13 Contrete Naegele The song about poor Naegele who got stuck in the sidewalk in the front yard. This new recording is sung in both English and Russian.Lyrics
14 Doctor on the Run This was a song Jansen wrote on the computer. It is the song to a Computer Game he made, Doctor on the Run. 
15 Nu, Ladna This song was created purely with Jansen's mouth(the laugh at the beginning is Svetlana Shatrova from Ulan-Ude, Russia). Nu, Ladna means "Well, anyways," in Russian. 
16 Apollo 11 This song celebrates humans landing on the moon. 


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