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After creating the album, 'Nu, Ladna', the band members had a bunch of random songs hanging around with no home. Not wishing to keep them without sharing via an album, Periplaneta was born.

This album incorporates two songs from the Randomization in Music projects (Jimmy and Star Clock), as well as a suite of songs from the AkeUngans' Creation Songs, which are resurrected native songs from the mysterious AkeUngans, an ancient civilization. The songs are seven songs depicting the creation of the Earth.

The AkeUngan songs on this record are played with geniunely native stringed instruments, the Cantono and the Sinelo.

Also featured on this album are great hits such as Killer Robot Droids and The Lenin Head.

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Released: 04-04-2002

This album is a collection of "mutt" songs that kinda came out.

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[Track listing]

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1 78454 (Jimmy) One of the Embellishments of Lasi Tuteyrum, the melody for this song was created randomly by the Lasi Tuteyrum melody creator. The melody is in five and the beat is in four on top of that. This song turned out to be pretty neat.Lyrics
2 AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 1 - Form This is the first song from the AkeUngans' creation songs. I learned all these songs from Na-Ida, who is an expert on the AkeUngan culture. In this song, I played the Cantono, a two-stringed instrument made with a tin can. A drum machine was also used for this song. Period one of course is the formation of the Earth.Lyrics
3 AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 2 - Separate This song also uses the cantono. It is period two, where the waters in the heavens were separated from the waters on the earth.Lyrics
4 AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 3 - Plants Period three is when the dry land was separated from the waters on the earth and the plants were created.Lyrics
5 AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 4 - Signs This period illustrates when the lights were organized in the heavens to be as signs, and the night and the day were separated.Lyrics
6 AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 5 - Animals This is when the animals were created. I played the Sinelo, a four stringed instrument made from a speaker box.Lyrics
7 AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 6 - Man and Woman This song is when man and woman were created. The sinelo and the recorder were played. Jerica Price sang in this song too.Lyrics
8 AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 7 - Rest The last song of the creation was when the Gods rested. This song features the cantono.Lyrics
9 Killer Robot Droids The killer robot droids was an idea that started in Ulan-Ude. The idea is that the robot droids come into the city (they hover) and they only shoot those who are afraid. So, the secret is to not be afraid.Lyrics
10 39981 (Star Clock) This song is about pulsars. They are like space beacons, originally thought to be like lighthouses in space, put there by aliens, but they are just old stars. The rate at which they spin is so steady that one could tell time with pulsars.Lyrics
11 Squorest A simple song written by Jansen and synth man Norm Abec. 
12 She's Too Normal Who knows of whom Dave was talking about when he wrote this song. But she was too normal for him.Lyrics
13 Sit and Wait A spontaneous song by Jansen.Lyrics
14 The Lenin Head If you ever go to Ulan-Ude, Russia, you cannot miss the biggest head of Lenin. This song is a pretend story of how it got there.Lyrics
15 Oatmeal Another spontaneous song, about oatmeal.Lyrics


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