Alien Love Song

From the album A League Itself Entirely Negated, released January 2003

This song is from the play titled Kimbwuth and Gamestra, written by Ging-ding-Draf, from the planet Jeful. It is a very popular play on that planet. This particular song is taken from a scene where Kimbwuth first tells Gamestra that he loves her and they plan to run away together. For the percussion I used a number ten can and some white noise that had been modified with the program Enrhythmizer. Additional knowledge as to the meaning of specific words that are left untranslated in the song would be helpful.


K: I recall the first time I met you
You snorgled my only kwum
I thought it was mean, but strange it may seem,
I knew that you were the one.

Please, baby tell me so,
Do you want to be
My quiggle-quargle, my diggity-doe,
My quam sum biggle-lee snee?

G: Oh, Kimbwuth, I don’t think I believe this,
How could such a scum like you
Ever find your feelers to squiggle my way?
This is like a dream come true.

K: What do you mean, talking about dreams?
I didn’t know you were a scoo.

G: I’m not really and I thought it was silly
But I happened to have had a jimboo.

K: Oh, Gamestra, let us leave this place,
And go find our own sumpy-gump
We’ll make jamslush from the twigs and brush.

G: Yes...but wait,
K: What?
G: You are such a griutt.
You forgot the magic word.
K: Gamestra, don’t be absurd.

G: No, I must hear it.
K: But you’ll probably fear it.
G: I won’t go with you,
Unless I know that it’s true.
K:Fine, I love you....