Hey Bruce

From the album Mercury, released April 2010

This is a remake of the song, "Hey Bruce", originally written in 1993


A long time ago, oh, a long time ago, I decided to go out and take a stroll,
I was just a walking and thinking to myself, what a beautiful day this is ya know,
Then all of a sudden, yeah, then all of a sudden, a big thing jumped out at me,
He said my name is Bruce and I would like to make a truce,
I'm from the planet Mercury.

Hey, hey, oh my Bruce, oh my Bruce, my friend.
Maybe, oh someday, oh someday, we'll meet again.

Since it was such a beautiful day, we decided to go out and play,
And become friends for all eternity.
Then he said, "I'm getting cold, and I want to go back home."
And I said, "Maybe another day."
He yelled, getting kinda mean, "I want to go back to Mercury."
And I said "We'll go tommorow evening."
Then he said, "Yeah, ok, just hope I hold out another day,
It'll be kind of sad to leave."


So the very next day, We got into our spaceship to leave,
And we left on that evening,
Now Bruce is back home, left him there so he could roam,
Back to where he always wanted to be.

And now for the rest of my life, I have to live without Bruce,
And that makes me kind of mad,
I go crying to my friends, and crying to my siblings,
And even crying to my mom and dad.
But one thing of Bruce remains, everybody carries his name,
Like mine and yours, and it's, and hers, and his.
And all your life you'll be confused, asking, "Is your name not Bruce?"
And, "Yes, of course," 'cause everybody's is.


Hey, hey, all the Bruces, all the Bruces, my friends...