Embarrassing Moment

From the album Green Beans, released July 2003

A song using only three major triads, about an embarrassing moment that was a life changing experience.


My life has been so different
Ever since I went to school with no pants
Oh, how I wish I would have paid attention
That morning when I left the house.

Oh, how it pains me to think of that day
When I was so ridiculed by the student body.
I was in front of all of them at an assembly
When I realized my grave folly.

And the girl I had a crush on
Came straight up to me,
She laughed in my face and said,
"Did you know you're on TV?"

After that day the whole town knew about me,
Called me 'the pants-less boy'
I don't even want you to know about this
I'll burn this song when I'm done.