It's You (I Dislike)

From the album Green Beans, released July 2003

This is a crazy song about hating green beans. I don't really hate green beans, but I am verbally assaulting them in this song. I used Madtracker.


I think you know I hate you
So why do you get so close to me?
Get your ugly finger things
Out of my face!
Oooh, you are so slimy
You make me sick with that ugly, ugly smell.

I could kick you across the room
With barely any effort
'Cause that's what a weakling you are

Every time I see you
I just wanna puke my guts right out
And chuck you in the garbage can
'Cause that's where you belong!

I will never, never, never, never eat you.
(eat you)
I hate green beans!