From the album Consumed, released August 2003

The lyrics from this song are taken from Isaiah chapter 29 from the Old Testament.


And the multitude of all the nations
That fight against Ariel
Shall be as a dream of a night vision.

It shall be as when a hungry man dreameth
And he eateth,
But he awaketh and his soul is empty.

Stay yourselves and wonder
Cry ye out and cry.
They are drunken, but not with wine.
They stagger, but not with strong drink.

Forasmuch as this people draw near me
With their mouth,
And with their lips do honor me,
But have removed their heart from me.
And their fear toward me
Is taught by the precepts of men

Therefore, behold, I will proceed
To do a marvelous work among this people.
Even a marvelous work and a wonder
For the wisdom of their wise men shall perish,
And the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid.