The Concert Song

From the album Ubar Tuxedo and the Last Revolution - Part I, released October 2003

This album is a rock opera about Ubar Tuxedo (whose real name is ub3tx) who is the head entertainer in the Society United. This song is a recording of his performance of one of the original national anthems of the Society United at the 300th anniversary celebration.


We've tamed the unknown mind,
We control our feelings too
To ensure positive growth
In society for me and you.

We've abolished love
And the problems it can cause
There is no war, no hate and envy
Because of these laws.

We... are the Society United!
We... have eliminated pain.

Everyone's needs are taken care of
All have a place to live.
We all have food on our plates
And jobs so we can give.

We've conquered earth's disease
We live life as it was meant
to live, with all our talents,
artistic, scientific developments.

We... are the Society United!
We... have eliminated pain.

Let me take you back to the time before the great last wars,
when our ancestors lived in a world they could not control!
They had no way to grow!
They were constantly fighting against the elements, and sickness, and their own hatred towards each other. It was chaos!
Do you want to go back to that? No!
Thanks to our Determiner and the new Society United we are free!

The Society United!
We... have eliminated pain.
And the old ways won't ever come back again.