Voice and Must Do Something / Revolution Theme I

From the album Ubar Tuxedo and the Last Revolution - Part I, released October 2003

Ubar has been hearing this voice in his head for months, it is convincing him to do the ridiculous: start another revolution and bring freedom to the members of the Society United. From the beginning, it is difficult for Ubar to understand how it is possible to have another revolution, since he has been taught as a child that it was the revolutions and wars that started the Utopic Society United and that there cannot be any more revolutions. Ubar is finally convinced by the voice and decides that he will start the revolution. The very last section of this song is the Revolution theme I.


Voice: That was a great performance, Ubar. Probably one of your best.

Ubar: Yeah.

Voice: What's wrong? Are you still having those feelings that something is lacking in life?

Ubar: Yeah. I mean, I feel like we're all being cheated out of something. That we're not living life to our full capacity.

Voice: That's right. Remember what we talked about before.

Ubar: But there can't be any more revolutions. Besides, no one would heed me. They've all been believing that they've been living in this perfect society for three hundred years.

Voice: What is the highest integer?

Ubar: What do you mean? There is no highest integer. Numbers continue on to infinity.

Voice: And so it is with revolution. There is no Last Revolution. The Society United must go down. You are the key, because you are the only one who has been able to hear me. Only you have the power.


Oh my gosh, this life is not right
We're living like slaves to the Determiner's mind.
There are no individual feelings.
Seeing things is gone.
No imagination in this nation,
And the voice in my head
Tells me I am the one.

Gotta start, make a movement,
a solution,revolution!
It's up to me, and here we go...

There is no last revolution
There is no highest integer.
There is no last revolution,
So I'm gonna start another revolution.