Dark Side

From the album Nu, Ladna, released July 2001

This song was written in 1997. It's about the Dark Side of the Force and how Luke Skywalker wants to train to be a jedi. Yoda tells him, 'Beware of the Dark Side'.


800 years,
Short little guy,
I wanted to learn the ways and
Become a jedi.
Deepest commitment,
And a serious mind,
I wasn't at all afraid 'til I
Felt the other side.

Beware of the dark side, it's the grey side,
It's too dark for me.
Beware of the dark side, and of anger,
Of agression and fear.

I saw my friends,
I had to go
I felt their future pain and it,
It hurt to know.
Mind what you've learned,
Save you it can
My friends, they were the bait for,
Lord Vader's plan.


This darker side, Destiny dominate,
Once you start down the dark path
And give in to hate.
Consume you 'twill
Good or bad road?
Just be calm, at peace and passive,
Then you will know.