Bummy Greece

From the album Nu, Ladna, released July 2001

This song was written about a video game, Top Gear 2. It is a racing game in which the tracks in the country of Greece are really hard. When playing, Jansen's sister exclaimed 'Oh, Bummy Greece!' He went into his room and wrote a song about it.


Turn it off, I wanna play another game,
Take it out and put in the game I wanna play.
I'm gonna play Top Gear 2, get the controllers, yeah,
I'll play with you.

This isn't hard, this is simple.
With this car, I can do anything.
I can go almost anywhere.
Have no fear, I'll get us really far.


Bummy, Bummy Greece,
Get away from me please.

What is this world, I'm entering?
I am confused, why can't I leave?

Look where we are, really far
This car, is in a war.
Let's try to break it, try to shake it,
We can start over again.