AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 3 - Plants

From the album Periplaneta, released April 2002

Period three is when the dry land was separated from the waters on the earth and the plants were created.


[Period Three - Plants]

Vo Osonim punfeynar vo gupos^amuk
Kra vo sunoh'tak
Zar kra vo these gupos^am
Kra vo sunoh'ta
Vo Osonim c^rivar vo wefmak
Kra vo thefmak kra kaveye labsus^tamuk
Po vo oma kra vo polonga
Kulefeyniv thuk-to
Eso vo sunoh'ta.

(English translation)
The Gods divided the waters
And the dry land
There were the great waters
And the dry land
The Gods made the grass
And the trees and other green things
With the seed and the fruit
To multiply itself
On the land.