AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 4 - Signs

From the album Periplaneta, released April 2002

This period illustrates when the lights were organized in the heavens to be as signs, and the night and the day were separated.


[Period Four - Signs]

Vo Osonim kwesanar
Vo slih'tam eko vo enda
Zev lepamuk sa dawenum
Kra asenum kra levpam
Vo thesume slih'ta tulubar
Rono vo asen
Kra vo panume slih'ta tulubar
Rono vo esten
Kra vo slih'ta zar
Punfeynare olo vo estunib.

(English translation)
The Gods organized
The lights in the sky
To be signs of seasons
And days and years
The greater light ruled
During the day
And the lesser light ruled
During the night
And the light was
Divided from the darkness.