AkeUngans' Creation Song Day 6 - Man and Woman

From the album Periplaneta, released April 2002

This song is when man and woman were created. The sinelo and the recorder were played. Jerica Price sang in this song too.


[Period Six - Man and Woman]

Vo Osonim evar kno
Kra z^anaar c^ustak eko tone lad
Ogustak kra veustak
Moh'u tey kulefeyniv moh'uk-to
Moh'u tey tulebiv eso vo
Labsus^tam kra vo s^akam
Moh'u tey zaletaniv
Moh'u tey zaletaniv.

(English translation)
The Gods went down
And formed man in his own image
Male and Female
They will multiply themselves
They will rule over the
Green things and the beasts
They will obey
They will obey.