March Along - a patch on VCV Rack

December 1, 2018

Lately I have been into messing around and learning VCV Rack, which is a virtual modular synthesizer. Here is a recording of one of the patches that I made. I call it "March Along" because it reminds me of someone that is marching along.

It features one oscillator module called Treasure by from the MSM plugin by Michael Struggl and then a bunch of other random modules including a clock, a sequencer, quantizer, envelope generators, LFO, delay, reverb, and oh I guess another oscillator doing some frequency modulation on the first oscillator.

VCV Rack is fun because it is a virtual modular synth and it has so many plugins thanks to its great architecture for supporting that and the great community who contributes. Thanks everybody! I have had fun spending hours just patch cabling random modules together.