Self-aware Dog Limbs

March 8, 2006

You know... there comes a time in every dog's life when, unbeknownst to the dog, one of its limbs will take on a mind of its own.

The limb will, as they say, become self-aware. And as self-aware things often do, the limb will in good time find that it is feeling a bit hungry. It will wait quietly for a few moments, hoping for a handout. But soon it becomes impatient with the rest of the dog, who is not used to feeding its limbs independently.

Under the pretense of trying out this newfound independence, the hungry limb will carefully stalk the dog's head, in an attempt to steal a morsel or two of food for itself.

Limbs such as these are known for their stealth, so these missions are usually accomplished without incident, and nobody is any the wiser. But sometimes the limb is careless, and inadvertently attracts the attention of the dog's head.

At this point, a vicious battle ensues. It is not always clear who the winner is.

It's cool that someone finally got it on tape.

[by Kai Esbensen]